March 20, 2017

Time Capsule: Leonard Cohen on Screen

Experience the magic of musician/songwriter/poet Leonard Cohen (1934-2016) during his 1972 European concert tour, performing many of his classics (Suzanne, Sisters of Mercy, Chelsea Hotel, Famous Blue Raincoat, So Long, Marianne). Directed by Tony Palmer this long-lost movie captures Cohen in concert and backstage, gamely enduring press interviews, balking at encores, self-deprecatingly funny, and humbly assessing life on the road. A portrait of a deeply reflective, yet always genial artist, at his creative peak. March 20 & 22 at VanCity Theatre.

March 14, 2017

Celtic Celebration

A celebration of all things Celtic features live music and dance, family activities, artisan vendors, food trucks, and beer gardens. Performers include Delhi 2 Dublin, the Paperboys, Tiller's Folly, Wheat in the Barley, Pat Chessell Band, Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, North Shore Celtic Ensemble, Jocelyn Pettit Band, and Sharon Shannon. See details here.

March 9, 2017

Jazz at the Front

Bassist, bandleader, composer and educator Ben Allison is known for his inspired arrangements, inventive grooves, and memorable melodies. Since 1991 seven of his albums have topped the US jazz charts. Allison has developed his own unique sound in jazz with influences from rock and folk to 20th century classical and world music genres. The JazzTimes calls him, “a visionary composer, adventurous improviser, and strong organizational force on the New York City jazz scene.” See Ben Allison in concert with Kirk Knuffke (cornet), Steve Cardenas (guitar) and Allan Mednard (drums) March 10 at the Western Front.

March 8, 2017

Amazonia: The Rights of Nature

Amazonia: The Rights of Nature explores the creative ideas that inspire Indigenous resistance to threats facing the world’s largest rainforest. The exhibition features Amazonian basketry, textiles, carvings, feather works and ceramics both of everyday and of ceremonial use, representing Indigenous, Maroon and white settler communities. Today, these groups confront threats caused by political violence, mining, oil and gas exploration, industrial agriculture, forest fires, and hydroelectric plants. Challenging visitors to examine their own notions towards holistic well-being, the exhibition covers more than 100 years of unsuspected relationships between Vancouver and Amazonian peoples, ideas, and their struggles. Opens March 9 with free admission to a party March 9 at MOA.

Guilty Conscience: Fantasy vs Reality

Can a fantasy murder scenario become real? Arthur Jamison, an arrogant and ruthless trial lawyer, is a serial philanderer. When his wife Louise confronts him with demands for a costly divorce, he devises an alternate solution to ending the marriage. Conjuring up an imaginary alter ego, Arthur stages several murder scenarios in the courtroom of his mind, pitting himself against an imaginary prosecutor in a series of witty, sometimes hostile exchanges. See how the mystery unfolds at the Metro until March 25.

March 6, 2017

Moving Images of Canada

Canada on Screen is a year long retrospective of Canada’s moving-image heritage. Coinciding with the country's 150th birthday, it boasts a roster of 150 titles drawn from feature films, documentaries, shorts, animations, experimental films and videos, moving-image installations, music videos, TV shows and commercials.  To help celebrate the country's sesquicentennial, The Cinematheque is screening many of the films, videos and animations with free admission. View more info for Canada on Screen.

February 15, 2017

Extreme Adventure on Film

The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival continues until Feb. 18 with amazing adventures captured on film. Traverse some of the toughest hiking terrain in Canada on a multi-day hike, take a wild trip by foot and paraglider across North America's highest mountains, ski the European Alps and U.S National Parks, and take an incredible journey from the Andes to the Atlantic Ocean in a self-made, bicycle powered boat. See these and other films this week at VIMFF.

February 10, 2017

Crawl Space: A Real (Estate) Dream

Inspired by a real life experience (or nightmare), playwright and performer Karen Hines serves up a timely tale of buying real estate in an overheated market. Guests are invited to join host Hines in a dreamy re-incarnation of her hellish little house in a hip neighbourhood as she entertains Scheherazade-style. But, rather than language steeped in poetry, history and philosophy, this darkly comic play offers up the vernacular of floor plans, cut-lines from MLS one-sheets, and erotic incantations inspired by Pottery Barn catalogues. See it at The Fishbowl, Granville Island until Feb. 18.